Sustainable, Lightweight, Soft to the Touch, Strong & Durable, Water Repellent Sustainable, Lightweight, Soft to the Touch, Strong & Durable, Water Repellent

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Featured in the NORTH SHORE NEWS.

Nature's leather' used for Deep Cove designs



 Featured in the Georgia Straight

 Designer Martha Vainer “uncorks” a new line of cruelty-free ha


Featured in the Vancouver Sun


Style Q+A | Martha Vainer's got it in the bag - Vancouver Sun


Featured in the MONTEAL GAZETTE

Martha Vainer likes to call cork “nature's leather.”



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Welcome to Cork By Design Handbags


Cork By Design is proud to make high-quality craftsmanship Handbags made of 100 % genuine Cork. Our stitching, zippers and hardware are of superior quality

Cork is a totally unique beautiful material that we like to call “nature’s leather”. It is 100 % sustainable, Vegan, eco-friendly, water repellent, lightweight, soft to the touch, fire retardant, long lasting.

Go to our Shop Online - Cork By Design page and have a look at our beautiful collection.


All handbags and wallets  are super light, giving you the advantage of filling them with all the "stuff" you need; making them also ideal for traveling.


We believe that practicality can be combined with beauty. Cork By Design is committed to create an environmentally friendly product with the most current design in the market.


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